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Alaska – A Historical Journey of a Lifetime

March 30th, 2022

Alaska is the largest state of North America and is almost twice the size of Texas, which is the next largest state of the US. Its coastline is the longest of any other American state. Today, Alaska is a popular tourist destination offering adventure, sports and culture for all to enjoy.

Visiting Alaska at any time of the year is a good time but usually tourists prefer the May to September slot as the days are long and warm comparatively. Many tour operators advertise cheap tickets to Alaska at this time of the year. The flights tickets need to be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

Visitors to Alaska can experience the state’s rich native culture through traditional native music and dance performances, totem carving, festivals and crafts, as well as cultural and historical museums and heritage centers. Many museums, tours and historical sites are dedicated to Alaska’s gold rush era, World War II involvement, early Russian influence and more.

Alaskans are creative thinkers and celebrate beauty that surrounds them. Various cultural centers, art galleries and shops come alive with the arts illustrated by unique tribal and traditional native handicrafts. Music, theater and other art forms are celebrated in shows, festivals and workshops year-round.

The Juneau Jazz and Classics festival and the annual Alaska Folk Festival held over a period of seven days are all a celebration of life through music. The World Eskimo-Indian Olympics held in June every year sees indigenous people compete in traditional athletic games. Golden Days, a five-day event celebrating the town’s gold-rush heritage includes the Golden Citizens’ Luncheon, a fashion show, street fair, parade, duckie races, beer festival and river regatta. The Alaskan festivals have something or the other for all to enjoy. Inexpensive tickets at the time of festivals are available on the net, which are advertised as cheap flights to Alaska.

One cannot go wrong with the mode of transport in Alaska whether it’s a bush plane ride around the Mc Kinley-Mountain or a train ride across the tundra region. Most tourist itineraries include a mix of travel modes. Shopping for authentic Alaskan Native moccasins, baskets, jewelry, carvings and both traditional and modern art pieces make great gifts for friends back home. They are available at retail stores, museum gift shops, galleries and farmers markets throughout Alaska.

Alaskan restaurants offer a true taste of the Last Frontier. Wild Alaskan seafood including salmon, halibut and king crab attract visitors from all over the world and can be sampled just about anywhere in the state. The state also has a thriving beer culture and visitors can taste handcrafted brews at the various brewpubs across the state.